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Because we care deeply about highlighting marginalized voices and themes, in particular, we use our brand to feature stories from a broad spectrum of individuals. The pages are open to everyone.

Relax; you don’t have to stress too much about the experience. What matters to us most is that you have a compelling story to share. However, we understand that “first-time pitching” can be a bit difficult. Therefore, we created these guidelines to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to work with us. 

Take some time to review this informative page as we have clearly explained the content type we accept, the guidelines we have laid out, and the submission process. 

What Are We Looking For?

Comprehensive, data-driven, and engaging guest posts are the best, and we love such content. Make sure your submission adheres to these rules to improve your chances of being featured in our blog:

👉 Is an informative, well-researched, updated, and engaging write-up and is at least 1000 words long.

👉 Is completely original and unpublished.

👉 Contains only assertions that are supported by references to reliable case studies, statistics, or research. Do not use any unrelated links to websites or mention any of our competitors.

👉 Include illustrations for your point using instances and pertinent pictures. Don’t use generic stock images that don’t enhance the writing.

👉 Includes shorter paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings to make the content readable.

Topics We Love To Cover

Predominantly gossip, lifestyle, and entertainment enthusiasts make up the majority of our readership. And all they look for is authentic, crispy, fun, and helpful information from us – something that they would love to share in their own circle. 

So, we only accept creative and appealing content that fits into the following areas:

Celebrity Gossip 👍

Movie, TV Shows, and Music 👍

Lifestyle 👍

Celebrity and entertainment news 👍

Relationship 👍

* To learn more about the content layouts, language, themes, and tone that we like, please refer to the posts already featured on our blog. 

Benefits For Writing With Us

Wondering how advantageous it will be for you to contribute to our website? 

We are an emerging online Celebrity Gossip hub with a growing number of audiences from several corners of the world with an objective to become the best digital source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip on the internet:

You will definitely be enjoying these perks:

Freedom and liberty to let the world know your voice provided you are abiding by our guidelines. 

An arsenal of topics and categories to choose from.

A huge exposure to global audiences.

A robust social media recognition.

Sharable links to post on your writing on social handles.

Our Submission Guidelines

We have a simple funda – write captivating content adhering to our guidelines, and we will feature your masterpiece on our blog. Yes, we’ll give you credit also. 

But to get your write-up published, TGA requests you to follow these minimum standards:

✔️ Your content must be at least 1000 words long and provide our visitors with something worthwhile. We urge authors to create long-form content since they bring visibility and reach. You can extend your articles to more than 2000+ words if you so want.

✔️ The articles need to be in-depth and informative. In other words, all articles must provide accurate information about their themes, subjects, and settings. A suitable structure, including an introductory paragraph, individual subheads, FAQs, and a concluding segment, should be there.

✔️ Our Editorial Team has the full authority to edit, modify, or reject any of your submissions if you divert from the guidelines or if your content doesn’t meet our standards. Also, we don’t entertain even 1% plagiarism in any content. Our team will prevent the writer from posting on the site if they find that their articles are copied.

✔️ We know that posts about celebrity gossip, entertainment news, dating, and relationships posts might not be fully SEO-optimized always. However, authors should be sure that the editing crew will prioritize SEO-friendly write-ups. Additionally, our publishing team can modify your post so that it complies with our SEO requirements.

✔️All the references, citations, statistics, and outbound links must be pertinent to our blog. We don’t entertain information that is vague and irrelevant. 

✔️ The use of images, GIFs, and videos is recommended since they make the content appear more appealing to the readers. When utilizing photos, be careful not to breach copyright. Give credit when and where required.