In a bittersweet revelation, Maireyi Ramakrishnan, the talented young actress who captured hearts with her portrayal of Devi Vishwakumar in the superhit Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” has expressed her thoughts on the show’s finale released on 8th June on OTT. Ramakrishnan, known for her charismatic and relatable performance, has stated that “All Good Things Come To An End” as the beloved teen comedy-drama prepares to bid farewell to its dedicated fan base.

As news of the show’s final season had already spread among fans, Ramakrishnan’s statement adds a personal touch to the series’ conclusion. Her words resonate with the emotional journey that both the characters and the audience have embarked upon throughout the show’s run.

In the fourth season, the characters in Never Have I Ever are transitioning into their senior year of high school. Devi, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, is determined to become a “s*xy successful senior,” but her well-known tendency for making mistakes continues to follow her.

Before bidding farewell to their school lives, the characters must navigate through their senior year, which promises more awkward scenarios and the usual chaotic aftermaths. However, the final season also brings significant life decisions for the characters, creating a sense of anticipation among the audience.

The season begins right where the previous one left off, with Devi and Ben (Jaren Lewison) having their first intimate experience. From here, Devi’s life becomes a wild ride. Unexpectedly, Paxton Yoshida (Darren Barnet), who had seemingly left the show after high school, makes a surprising return, further adding to the chaos in Devi’s life. As college acceptances loom, the pressure mounts for the characters to secure spots in their dream schools. Devi, specifically, pours all her energy into getting accepted into Princeton but realizes she’s not ready to leave her home and family.

With only 10 episodes to tie up each character’s journey and provide them with a satisfying conclusion, the final season lacks surprises. Unlike previous seasons, the ending feels predictable, leaving viewers expecting the expected. Toward the end, things feel rushed, leaving little room for a deep exploration of the characters’ lives. 

Having been accustomed to surprises throughout the earlier chaotic seasons, fans may have expected breakthroughs in the finale. However, the final season of Never Have I Ever adheres to a pre-planned route instead of following the characters’ instincts, which could be disappointing for some. Nevertheless, for those who wanted to see Devi and her friends end up where they had planned, the final season delivers exactly that.

Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.

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