The evolution of the Most Handsome Man In The World didn’t happen overnight. It took several years to construct and reconstruct the definition of the ‘Handsome Man.’ Even science has interfered in this now. 

How’s that? 

Psychology says that if you ask three people o rank the most handsome celebs, you will get three very different answers. However, there will likely be a few common faces in the crew. That’s because, the Golden Ratio appeals to our innate sense of proportion, according to science. 

Considering all these, The Gossip Addict content desk has released its list of the 14 Most Handsome Man In The World 2023. Although the names they mentioned come from different backgrounds, professions, and nationalities, the world considers each of them as the top Most Handsome Man In The World based on the Golden Ratio.

So, What’s All About This Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio refers to a mathematical method used for assessing the physical appearance of a person based on how his/her facial features are arranged. The positioning and characteristics of a person’s brows, eyes, nose, lips, jaw, and chin are all scored using this method. 

The Golden Ratio has long been used by plastic surgeons since Dr. Julian De Silva first mapped it out around the following features:

  • Eyes’ inner corners to the face’s breadth
  • Eyes to chin to mouth
  • Head to height and breadth
  • Face’s size from the inner eye
  • Upper brow, upper eyelid, and lower eyelid
  • From one side of the face to the inside of the closest eye to the other
  • Centre of face to center of the eye in relation to facial width
  • Tip of the cupid’s bow to the lip width.

In spite of being so ‘logical, ’ this formula has received harsh criticism and been debunked as a hoax by others. The formula is based on ancient Greek idols of beauty while some critics have proposed that it ignores many other different forms of aesthetic perfections. 

Who Are The 14 Most Handsome Man In The World 2023?

The world is full of drop-dead stunning faces but the concept of ‘beauty’ or ‘attractiveness’ varies from one person to other. While some find men with sharp facial features SEDUCING, some are in awe of softer particulars. The list of world handsome man below is prepared using this Golden Ratio method. 

So, which handsome men made it to the top? 

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❤️ Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

The former DC superman, Henry Cavill has been titled the Most Handsome Man In The World 2022. Surprisingly he has knocked spots off BTS’ Kim Taehyung. The Witcher actor was a fan-favorite to play Edward Cullen in Twilight as well as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. The British magazine already crowned him as the World’s S*xiest Man in 2013. It’s therefore evident that Cavill’s charms have not been unknown to the world. 

❤️ BTS Jungkook


Over a long time, K-Pop is no more a stranger to queries like “ who is the Most Handsome Man In The World? ” On the eve of the new year, December 31, 2022, KingChoice unveiled BTS Jungkook had received almost 1.3 million votes to win the title Most Handsome Man In The World 2022. He also bagged the same in 2021 by winning almost more than 2 million votes. The multifaceted youngest member of BTS is the S*xiest International Man Alive according to many publications. 

❤️ Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Scoring 92.1% on the Golden Ratio test, science has declared the Twilight actor the most beautiful man in the world. His diamond-cut face with classically shaped chiseled jaws has made him hotter than Brad Pitt and Henry Cavill. The actor’s rugged good looks have never been in question, even if his love life and career have frequently made headlines. Speaking about love life, Pattinson is currently dating Suki Waterhouse, the English model, and is doing great together. 

❤️ Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Apart from building a blasting career and having a really cute partner, Saba Azad, Hrithik Roshan has another reason to smile. The Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, made it to the top Most Handsome Man In The World 2022 securing fourth position due to his sensational facial features. After tough competition with Chris Evans, David Beckham, and Robert Pattinson, the War actor finally managed to take over the top spot. At present, he is gearing up for his upcoming aerial action film, Fighter, which is supposed to release on 25th January 2024.  

❤️ Kim Tae-Hyung

Kim Tae Hyung

Kim Taehyung, aka, BTS ‘V,’ has just become The Most Handsome Man In The World 2023 and his fans can’t keep calm. He even ranked in the topmost spot according to various leading publications because of his unique voice, marvelously smart personality, and adorable smile. As the netizens and the members of the ARMY lavished praise and congrats, the Christmas Tree singer gained traction with 1.3 million searches on Weibo’s hot search. 

❤️ Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

A plethora of amazing stars has come and gone in Hollywood. However, some actors have remained ‘evergreen’ after all this time because of their breathtaking on-screen performances and juicy off-screen life. Tom Cruise is one such irreplaceable Hollywood star who has made the headlines as ‘ the most handsome guy in the world ’ several times. The Top Gun: Maverick is all about how Hollywood was never successful in replacing this legend. At the age of 59 also, the Mission Impossible – Fallout actor is making his fans drool over him. The good news is that he is reportedly single now. The actor hasn’t made any public announcements about any new affair since divorcing Katie Holmes, aka, MCU’s Peggy Carter, in 2012. 

❤️ David Beckham

David Beckham

Former England Football team captain, David Beckham, who has set a standard for ‘handsome-ness,’ is once again the Most Handsome Man In The World 2023. Once titled ‘ The ‘ S*xiest Man Alive ’ by People Magazine in 2015, he has got on the cover of uncountable publications and magazines constantly to date. Married to the English fashion Mogul, Victoria Beckham for over 24 years, he is even one of the top 10 most handsome footballers in the world. He is a man with multiple sides – soccer legend, fashion idol, loving husband, doting father, and the most appealing British hunk. 

❤️ Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans, the Captain America actor, has taken the crown of the Most Handsome Man In The World 2022 and 2023. After earning the title of ‘ S*xiest Man Alive ’ in 2022 by People’s Magazine, Evans even received its coveted honor and the cover. The Gray Man star with a perfect oval face and shiny blue eyes said that this designation would make his mom too much proud. According to the Golden Ratio of Dr. Julian De Silva, this Marvel actor made it to the list of most handsome men by securing a 91.92% score. 

❤️ Noah Mills

Noah Mills ranked this Canadian model and actor in September 2014 as one of the ‘ Top 10 Make Models of All Time. ’ Since then he didn’t have to look back on his career. Guess what, the S*x and the City 2 star is now the Most Handsome Man In The World. His sharp jawline and charismatic smile define his charm even more. Mills has successfully solidified his career as an A1 fashion industry icon. Brands such as Micheal Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gap Inc. featured him in their advertisement making him one of the most sought-after names in the industry.

❤️ Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Why the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is the Most Handsome Man In The World is not something unknown. His recent blockbuster Pathan says it all!!!!!!!!! A man at the age of 57 years is smashing box-office records not only in India but also in North America. Loving and admiring Khan is so obvious that it has been frowned upon. It’s been 30 years of the DDLJ actor in Bollywood and still, now, his films remain houseful. You know what, his millions of fans don’t admire him just for his smile and good looks, but also for his kindness, secularism, chivalry, and humanity. Chain smoker, Self-Aware, Hilarious, and Brazen – Khan is never dull. 

❤️ Paul Rudd

Paul Ridd

Do you fancy Paul Rudd? You are either a liar or a sociopath if your answer is ‘No!!’ This legendary actor, producer, and screenwriter is the s*xiest man alive according to People Magazine 2021. The Clueless actor is now 53 but because of his boyishly handsome looks, a dazzling smile, and gorgeous green eyes, he is now the most handsome man in the world. Uncountable publications and agencies have crowned him this title multiple times based on the Golden Ratio. Being so many people’s ‘Man Crush Every Day,’ he just s*xied-out several hot bimbos and made it to the top. So if you don’t like him, there is seriously something wrong with you – and we mean it!

❤️ Timothee Chalamet

Timothy Chalamet

The Notebook (2004) actor Timothee Chalamet has consistently reflected the conventional, typical stereotypes and bent the norms simultaneously. He is a CLASS when it comes to highlighting specific instances of emotional vulnerability. Women are obsessed with this brooding, melancholic actor who looks like a teenager. If there is anyone who can make bedhead look sizzling hot, it’s him. He is able to make anything appear seductive mystically. Be is playing the piano topless, mumbling broken French., or simply grooving about in the midst of Northern Italy. That is why he is ranked many times as the ‘ Best Man In The World ’ or the ‘ Most Handsome Man In The World ’ by different media agencies, and magazines. 

❤️ Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Although he started his career in small B movies he came under the spotlight of the public when he appeared in the TV series, Rawhide (1951). He is regarded as the epitome of sensation mainly because of his handsome rugged looks who knocks down all other handsome hunks in comparison. Labeled as ‘ The Most Handsome Man ’ by millions of fans and media channels, this Oscar-winning actor will always be the man of the wildest dreams. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly actor has been in Hollywood for over 6 decades, and movie buffs revere him as a living legend. 

❤️ Omar Bokran Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala

A few years ago a photo of Omar Bokran Al Gala went viral and the internet was taken aback. At that time only he received the title of ‘ The Most Handsome Man In The World ’ overnight. Surprisingly, the Saudi Arabian authorities purportedly banished him for being too handsome. Omar’s offense for being ‘too hot to handle’ may or may not have legitimacy. However, his social media handles attest to the fact that Omar Borkan Al Gala’s looks, smile, and eyes are uncontrollably tempting. 

Ending With A Big Round Of Applause!

A standing ovation for all the remarkable handsome men in the world! 👏👏👏

Their aura and expertise in their individual field have made them earn the title, of ‘ The Top Most Handsome Man In The World. ’ Here is a line from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s The Brook we would like to dedicate to each of them while wrapping up our list – 

For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. ” 

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