People say that there’s nothing new with the star kids. They carry their parent’s identity and either they become successful faces on their own or eventually become as ordinary as 5 other kids. 

But I can bet that this is not the case with Isla Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson’s 3rd and youngest child. She is a star kid with a bright future in her father’s career path – that is Acting. 

Do you all remember Rowan Atkinson? That funny, man who used to come on Television in a very popular British Sitcom – Mr.Bean. Yes, he is Mr. Bean. If you are a 90’s or early 2000s kid just like me, you are not probably over him yet or won’t be in the future. He is one of the most iconic stars who made our summer and winter vacations golden. 

So, he, who is already a father of two lovely grown-ups, has become a dad again to Isla Atkinson with his long-time partner, Louis Ford. Today, this youngest member of the Atkinson family is in the catbird seat since nobody talked about her lately.

Keep calm and stay tuned to know about Rowan Atkinson daughter…

Isla Atkinson Bio

Isla Atkinson bio

Isla Atkinson is the daughter of Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford. She came into the world in 2017, although her exact date of birth is not revealed by her parents yet. Before, googling about this 6-year-old, take a look at her bio below

Name: Isla Atkinson

Parents: Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford

Siblings: Half-sister – Lily Sastry, Half-Sister – Benjamin Atkinson

Age: 5 Years

Nationality: Britain

Education: Not yet known

Profession: Playing, sleeping, giggling, and eating. Making cute noises and faces. 

Isla Atkinson’s Parents And Their Lovestory

Isla Atkinson’s Parents

Rowan Atkinson has always maintained privacy when it comes to his personal life. It seems he doesn’t like PDA much, although his personal life is quite spicy!!

He was married to a popular make-up artist, Sunetra Sastry for the longest span of 24 years. Later, in 2013, he met Louise, the British actress on the set of Quartermaine’s Terms, a play. They clicked instantly and nothing stopped the veteran actor from falling in love with 32-year-old comedian, Louise. 

They couldn’t keep their “Lovey Dovey Tale” hidden for a long time and had to make it public in 2014. Shortly, he got separated from his wife and ended his 25 years of marriage in 2015. The couple then moved into Atkinson’s luxurious mansion in North London worth $5.5 million and started their wonderful live-in relationship.

Now Rowan Atkinson wife lives in London and is busy in her profession. 

The Popular Half-Siblings Of Isla Atkinson

Many of us saw images of Mr. Bean with an insanely beautiful and charming lady circulating on social media, years ago. A lot of us including me thought it was a photoshop or stuff like that. 

But, NOPE, she was Isla Atkinson’s half-sister Lily Sastry, Mr Bean daughter (elder one), and his former wife, Sunera Sastry. 

Lily is a 28-year-old gorgeous actress who stepped into the world of acting on the big screen in 2004, in the movie called “Tooth.” She is also super proud to work with his father in “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” (2007), and “Johnny English Reborn” (2011).  

Isla has another half-sibling, Benjamin Atkinson, son of Rowan and Sunetra. Unlike his father and sister, he neither opted for the glam world nor chose acting as his profession. Instead, he decided to serve his nation by becoming a British Military officer. He went to Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and even got the golden opportunity to meet the former British Prime Minister, Theresa May. 

It’s not yet known whether Mr Bean Daughter has got the opportunity to meet her half-siblings because till now there are no such pictures or updates on the internet. Both Lily and Benjamin are busy with their own life and career at present.    

Isla Atkinson And Paps

Rowan and Louise are super protective of Isla. They try their best to not reveal Isla’s life in front of the media, but you know, it’s difficult to get overlooked by Paps. They have always been curious to click snaps of this 6-year-old kid whenever she is on the street with her parents. And guess what, they became successful also.   

This is an image of Isla Atkinson, the shutterbugs managed to click: To date, this is just a single image of her they were able to take. Looks like Mr. Bean is very mindful of his “real-life living Teddy” now and doesn’t want her face to come up in public. 

Isla Atkinson Net Worth – The Most Interesting Part!!!

I have seen so many people asking about Isla Atkinson net worth!!!!

Surely, that’s an interesting thing to know but how come a 6-year-old toddler would possess any assets or have a net worth? I really can’t help you in this regard, because there is no such authentic information recorded yet. However, even if she had, maybe that would be a bit unnatural. 


Nonetheless, she may inherit the net worth of her father, Rowan Atkinson, who has assets worth 150 million dollars. On the other hand, her mommy, Louise’s net worth is $4 million. So, she is privileged enough in many ways.  Hence, if I just want to make random guesses, there is a lot of time left.  

At present, she holds British nationality, and lives in a multi-millionaire, posh mansion at Ipsen, in Oxford Shire. 

Did Rowan Atkinson Retire For Her?

Did Rowan Atkinson Retire For Her

Lately, Mr. Bean has stepped back from the limelight and is now less active in the film and entertainment industry. He announced his retirement from the character in 2018 but did not eliminate the possibility of returning. 

Rowan has always been very vocal and enthusiastic about the character. This is very much noticeable from one of the Mr Bean quotes“But I always feel that whatever I do, I could do better.”  Sounds like acting was his passion besides his profession. 

But in recent years he has concentrated more on his personal life. Upon asking him why he is retiring, he mentioned Baby Isla and said he wants to give more time to his newest little family member. 

I Wish Isla Atkinson A Bright Future

Now that you know about Isla Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson’s kid, I want to wish her a lovable and bright future ahead. She may or may not follow her parents’ profession but will surely become a kind, empowered, and talented woman in the future. I hope the world will know Mr Bean daughter name someday or the other for her own achievements.  

What else do you know about her? Tell us in the comments below! And if you like this blog, don’t forget to share it with your network.

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