Tyga Is Facing Another Eviction Battle With A Landlord


Tyga just can’t seem to get his paper right.

Only months after he duked it out in a legal war with a former landlord over back rent, Kylie Jenner’s sometimes-boyfriend is now facing an eviction attempt from another landlord.

Page Six broke the story that Tyga’s landlord is trying to evict him from the Hollywood Hills house he’s been living in since December. Yes, that’s right, he’s received an eviction notice after only a couple of months in the house. 

Tyga – or Michael Ray Stevenson as he’s known in the legal docs – has been renting out the $4.8 million house for $17,000 a month. The home includes six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool and a hot tub.

With the eviction notice coming so soon after he moved in, one would have to assume he’s either not made any payments at all or perhaps he and his friends were partying a bit much for the landlord’s taste?

At any rate, this isn’t going to look good for Tyga if the case makes it to court, as he just settled another dispute in August when he was ordered to pay a former landlord $70,000 in back rent. And months prior to that, he had to fork over $80,0000 to yet another landlord for the same reason. One of those homes was where he lived with former girlfriend Black Chyna, who was named as a co-defendant in the suit, according to TMZ.

Prior to moving into the Hollywood Hills home, it was established that Tyga was crashing at Kylie Jenner’s place, something that apparently did not go over well with the rest of the Kardashian clan, according to Page Six.

Tyga has a habit of moving to a different main residence every few months. It’s unclear if Tyga is currently living in the Hollywood Hills home but either way, his inability to keep up with the paperwork looks like it might cost him again.

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