Taekwondo Instructor Telling A Boy “It’s OK To Cry” Has Touched Millions Of People

How many times have you heard the saying “Boys don’t cry”? Probably too many. Boys (and men) are expected to be tough when they face challenges. They are forced to suck up their emotion and are often afraid to show how they’re feeling. This notion is wrong, but one Taekwondo instructor has the perfect response.

Why Are You Crying?

Noticing his student was crying, he questioned what his student was upset about. The student proceded to tell him it hurts to punch through the wood with his left hand.

So I Don’t Mind You Crying

I Cry Too

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He then let the student know that it’s okay to cry and that he cries too.

And It’s Good To Cry

So You Can Work Through That Emotion

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He reminds his student it’s good to cry; that crying helps you get through emotions. This is exactly what we should be telling boys everywhere. They should not be told to hold back their tears. They should not be afraid that someone is going to bully them for showing raw emotion.

And It’s Going To Take Tears

And Your Sweat (Diligence) To Break Through It

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The instructor then lets the boy know it’s going to take tears (as well as sweat and diligence) to get through this challenge.

This lesson goes far beyond this challenge, however. I believe the instructor taught the young boy a very valuable lesson, that hopefully the boy will remember forever: It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel challenged. It’s okay to try over and over, no matter how much it hurts you.

Because of the instructor’s lesson, the young boy became much more confident and punched through the wood. Way to go, kiddo.

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