Spread These 10 Quotes To Help Make It A Peaceful World

Recently a boy covered with blood rescued from attacks in Syria has broken many people’s hearts. It’s a pity that children who should be meant to be protected and nurtured in decent environment are involved in such cruelty. Let’s make world peace a reality but not a wish, shall we?

Spread these 10 inspirational quotes to help make it a better world…

1. When You Need To Have Hundreds Of Protests Just To Tell The World That Bombing Children Is Not OK. That Is When You Know HUMANITY Has Failed


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2. The Most Powerful Weapon In The Universe Is Love


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3. People Were Created To Be Loved. Things Were Created To Be Used. The Reason Why The World Is In Chaos Is Because Things Are Being Loved And People Are Being Used


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4. We Were All Humans Until Race Disconnected Us, Religion Separated Us, Politics Divided Us, And Wealth Classified Us


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5. When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, The World Will Know Peace


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6. Teach Your Children There Is No Glory Or Heros In War. That The Glory Comes From The Actions That Prevent War, And The Heros Are The Ones Who Implement Those Actions


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7. Your Ignorance Is Their Power


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8. It’s Not Our Job To Toughen Our Children Up To Face Cruel And Heartless World. It’s Our Job To Raise Children Who Will Make The World A Little Less Cruel And Heartless



9. Did I Offer Peace Today? Did I Bring A Smile To Someone’s Face? Did I Say Words Of Healing? Did I Let Go Of My Anger And Resentment? Did I Forgive? Did I Love? These Are The Real Questions


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10. The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch And Do Nothing


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