Spencer Pratt Compares Cancellation Of 'The Hills' To 9/11

Heidi and Spencer

Spencer Pratt was notorious for playing the role of the villain on MTV’s ‘The Hills’ for six seasons. Now, it looks like Heidi Montag’s husband is up to his old tricks again, courtesy of an interview with Vice in which Pratt compared the cancellation of his show to the worst terrorist attack in United States history.

“[The Hills getting canceled] was our 9/11,” Pratt said, apparently with a straight face. The comment was made to Vice reporter Mitchell Sunderland, who spent five months with the couple for the profile.

The article goes into detail about Pratt and Montag’s relationship, starting with the well-established facts. Heidi and Spencer married in April 2009, on camera, of course, after eloping to Mexico the year before. Sunderland then goes in-depth into the couple’s well-documented problems with money management. The duo reportedly wasted millions on Montag’s failed pop music career and also had (and still have) an addiction to buying “magical crystals,” reportedly at one point dropping $65,000 on a single one.

If that’s not bizarre enough for you, then how about this: after the cancellation of their show, the couple tried to buy a house in Costa Rica, but discovered that real estate there was too expensive for them. So naturally, they did the next most reasonable thing by moving into a Ritz Carlton in the country, ordering room service for themselves (and their dogs!) for every meal. By the end of their stay, all of their money was gone.

The couple now live in a beachside vacation home near Santa Barbara that’s owned by Spencer’s Dad, complete with a laser-based high-tech security system that Pratt admits they don’t really need.

Heidi and Spencer

“Nobody wants to break into our home anymore,” he says. “They google our new worth and see we are worth $10.”

Their home is still reportedly filled with shelves of crystals.

As for Montag’s contribution to the article, she told the oh-so-romantic story about how she won Pratt’s heart by twerking on him. She says she saw Pratt surrounded by Playboy models in a nightclub and decided to move in for the kill.

“I was like cartoon goo-goo eyes, heart falling out of my head,” she said. “I was twerking before it was twerking. It was my own creation.”

“I pretty much told everyone I was going to marry him and that I loved him,” Montag added. “Everyone thought I was crazy.”

The rest of the Vice feature takes a look at the dark side of reality television and the couple’s struggles in the aftermath of ‘The Hills’ cancellation. In the end though, it does seem clear that Pratt and Montag are not just a made-for-TV couple.

“No one has ever made me feel so good,” Spencer says. “I never even thought it was possible to feel this good.

“The biggest misconception about us,” Heidi says, “is that we wouldn’t do it all over again.”

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