Playboy Super Bowl 50 Party: Check Out Photos From Playboy's 2016 Super Bowl Bash

Playboy Super Bowl 50 party 2016

It wasn’t easy to get into the Playboy Super Bowl party on Friday night, but if you were one of more than 2,000 people who forked over $1,250 for a ticket to the bash, it’s likely you were elbow-to-elbow with some Hollywood A-listers and a whole ‘lotta Playboy Playmates.

Friday night’s Super Bowl 50 Playboy party was held in a parking lot at behind AT&T Park where guests mingled under a tent embossed with a Playboy bunny logo.

Party-goers were not only there to celebrate the upcoming game between the Broncos and the Panthers, but for the launch of the first issue of Playboy’s newly redesigned “non-nude” magazine.Former 98 Degrees boy band member Nick Lachey was spotted sneaking in the back door of the event. Interesting.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Aaron Paul, Jeff Goldblum, and Alyssa Milano were spotted entering the Playboy party tent. 50 Cent was there representing Eeffen Vodka) and Cuba Gooding, Jr., who stars in the new series The People vs. O.J. Simpson) also attended the party.

According to SF Gate, two dozen Playboy Playmates reportedly “formed a portal tunnel/visual journey of the history of Playboy,” but Hugh Hefner must have been napping — he was nowhere to be found amidst a room full of bunnies and celebs.

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