Lamar Odom Hangs Out With Kim and Khloe On Super Bowl Sunday

Lamar Odom

Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s hanging out with Khloe and Lamar Odom. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, Kim, Khloe, and Lamar all went for a hike together. 

The sisters shared a video of the hike because they live stream their lives now, in addition to never-ending social media posts and a television show. The photos are via Terez Owens

While the video doesn’t feature Lamar’s face, Kim confirmed that the arm and the large shoes belong to the former basketball player. 

Kim Kardashian

On the same day, Khloe posted a cryptic Instagram photo. It’s unknown if it has anything to do with her husband. 

Khloe Kardashian

The post might have something to do with Lamar but it also might have something to do with James Harden or French Montana. 

Khloe and French were seen together earlier this week at an event. Khloe says the two are still friends

“We have history and we’ve had a relationship and a great friendships and I love that we are still friends,” Kardashian explained of her relationship with French Montana, via E! News on February 4. “I don’t believe in f–king and ducking. We had a great relationship and I like that we can still be friends.”

Lamar has been out of the hospital for about a month now. Khloe recently moved him into a home near hers so that she could assist in his recovery process. During a recent promotional tour, Khloe spoke of Lamar in almost every interview. 

Khloe has not been seen with Harden for weeks. 

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