Just Try Not To Cry After Watching Adele Give a Sweet Shout Out to Her Son During Her Concert


We don’t really need another reason to love Adele, but add this to the ever-growing list: Something amazing always happens at her concerts. Take, for example, just a few weeks ago at her tour kick-off when she helped a girl propose to her boyfriend. Amazing!

And last night, at Adele’s sold-out show in London, she proved in the most heartwarming and touching way that even with all of her success and fame, she’s still a humble mom at her core. The singer’s three-year-old son, Angelo, was in the audience, and Adele announced that it was his first time watching his mom perform in concert! It was a milestone that meant so much to her that she stopped in the middle of “Someone Like You” to give him the most adorable shout out. “I love you so much, peanut!” she cried. “This is the first show my baby boy has seen me do.”

And thankfully, a concert goer got the touching moment on video:

Excuse us as we have a little something in our eye…

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty

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