Interview: Ian Anthony Dale Previews 'Murder In The First' Season 3

TNT’s Murder in the First opens the book on a new case Sunday, June 26 and that’s going to mean more stress for Lt. Jim Koto. Koto’s job is to oversee SFPD’s toughest team of Inspectors but in Season 3 he’ll be showing that he’s more than the boss sitting behind the desk.

Starpulse spoke to Ian Anthony Dale (pictured above left with co-star Kathleen Robertson) this week to discuss how Koto has developed thus far and what audiences can expect when the series returns next weekend.

Season 2 wasn’t great for Koto – his biggest plot twist was taking a bullet. But Ian knew that his character would be back this year. “I went out to a concert with the co-creator of the show, Eric Lodal, prior to the season and he was giving me little teasers about what to expect in the season premiere,” he said.

“He informed me that I would be shot, but reassured me that I would not be getting killed. So when that first script came out I had the assurance, at least one verbal assurance. It turned out all good and Koto’s healed up for season three and back and better than ever.”

Of course that just means he’s back to deal with more headaches caused by Terry English (Taye Diggs), Hildy Mulligan (Robertson) and his entire team of talented but often unpredictable crime-solvers.