Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Goes On An Alarming Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rant

Tyson Fury

Heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury posted an hour long video rant online on Friday. In the video, he shares his extreme views on topics like bestiality, paedophilia, and women. 

Fury makes claims about fellow boxer Wladimir Klitschko, who he will fight this summer. Fury questions the fighter’s sexuality and calls him “bisexual.” Klitschko is engaged to actress Hayden Panettiere. He also makes comments about the actress. 

“It doesn’t matter because those who stand fast will be rewarded,” Fury says. 

“We live in an ancient time where we don’t like women to be whores. We don’t s*** men. We don’t s*** kids.” 

When asked if his comments were about Klitschko, he admitted they were. 

“For sure. I have because Wladimir is a bisexual. Wladimir swings both ways.”

Fury says he thinks it will become “normal” to have sex with animals. He also ponders making gang rape legal. In addition to the video, he also tweeted his support for Palestine. However, he also included extremely offensive comments about Jewish people.   

In response, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has called for Fury to be banned from boxing. The organization called his comments “offensive and racist.” 

Fury is of Irish Traveller heritage. 

The entire video is available here. Warning: it is offensive and extreme. 

Fury has made both sexist and homophobic remarks in the past. He once claimed that homosexuality and abortion will cause the end of the world.

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