Does Catelynn Lowell Want Carly Back?

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn Lowell started sharing her life as a 16-year-old pregnant teenager on 16 &Pregnant, but she’s now a young woman. She continued to share her story on Teen Mom to show the consequences and emotions one had to go through when giving up a child for adoption. Fans learned that Carly had gotten a pair of new parents named Teresa and Brandon. Now, Carly has a younger brother. But would Lowell ever want to take Carly back?

According to a new report, Catelynn Lowell is now revealing that she’s happy with the decision she made to give Carly up for adoption and she would never take Carly away from her adoptive parents.

“I would never want to take Carly from Brandon and Teresa,” Catelynn revealed and it sounds like she has thought about it, because she has several reasons. For one, Carly is old enough now that she would be affected by the change in parents. She’s always know Teresa and Brandon as her parents. Plus, Catelynn and Tyler did sign their rights away in court.

“Ty and I signed our rights away in a courthouse … those are her legal parents,” she adds. But she admits that it can be hard to deal with adoption after it has happened. “Sometimes you need help, and you gotta accept it,” Catelynn reveals of the anxiety she has dealt with after the adoption and her second pregnancy.

On Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell revealed that she and Tyler may not be married or even together if they had decided to keep Carly. Many of the Teen Mom couples have split after having a child, because it was just too much to handle. As a result of this show, teenage pregnancies have decreased over the years.

Are you surprised that Catelynn Lowell wouldn’t try to get her daughter back?

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