Day 3 Check-in: Start Running

start running checkin

So it comes to the last day of progress check-in, this is to make sure that you’ll continue to run regularly!

Let’s have a quick check-in:

You’ve found your running buddy and you guys have agreed to run together at least once a week.

You guys are committed to the “run or pay” programme as suggested yesterday. (Well, this could be optional, but I’m sure it’d be great for you both to commit to this!)

Over the past week, you have run a little bit (or quite a lot) for at least once.

You have set your next “running day” in your schedule already (and for all the upcoming ones).

Congrats! Because…

You have successfully kickstarted running!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just running very slowly for 5 minutes or running with a regular speed for more than 30 minutes, kickstarting running is never easy!

When you’ve started to run regularly, like for at least once or twice every week, you’re getting in better body shape and you’re getting more ready for some more challenging exercises!

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