Day 2 Check-in: Eat More Vegetables

more veggie checkin

Let’s have a quick check again:

  • You have included some kind of vegetables ingredients in your meals.
  • You have made your own healthy veggies and fruits drinks.

Well done! Next, I want to suggest you a great tip to motivate you to always stick to the habit of eating more vegetables.

Explore More New Cool Veggies & Fruits

You prefer not to eat so many vegetables and fruits probably because you don’t think they’re as delicious as other kinds of foods. Then don’t let yourself get bored with veggies and fruits! Seek out cool new and tasty fruits beyond the usual apples and bananas. Choose some unfamiliar vegetables like a neon-colored cauliflower. So you can always excite your appetite with more delicious choices! Make yourself love vegetables and fruits more and you’ll never be able to resist them any more!

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