BREAK POLL: A Very Serious Question Regarding Bodybuilder Erica Cordie

Erica Cordie began bodybuilding after injuring her knee during a skiing trip so she could stay in shape. She’s been bodybuilding ever since.

Never enough fashionable socks in the gym.

Oddly enough, she doesn’t bodybuild to enter and win competitions. She does it for her modelling career. And as you can tell by her Instagram, she definitely enjoys being in front of the camera.

And she even enjoys cosplaying when she’s not working or exercising. Especially as superhero Wonder Woman.

And when she’s not exercising, modelling or cosplaying, she’s kicking dudes asses at the bar with her arm wrestling moves.

So take in those images and answering the following question very carefully after some deliberation. Choose…wisely.

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