Ben Higgins May Be Sexy But Viewers Say He’s Annoying When He Talks


Ben Higgins may be a sexy bachelor and many women are tuning in every Monday to see how he handles himself on The Bachelor, but it sounds like some people aren’t too pleased with some things. Of course, everyone has had issues with Bachelor stars in the past, and some people may have thought that Ben was a perfect pick. And while he may be perfect for many women, there are some people who are bothered by him. According to a Twitter reply, Ben Higgins is now learning that he says “like” quite a bit – and it’s bothering people.

“Wish you had put a shocking collar on Ben that went off every time he said “like”,” one person wrote to Chris Harrison. And Ben learned of this tweet, and replied with, “That seems inhumane but could be fun to watch. Can we think of other less aggressive ways to teach me a lesson?”

Surely, Ben will be watching himself from now on, watching how many times he actually uses the word “like.” None of the ladies have said anything to him, so it’s possible that they don’t mind one bit.

On the show, Ben is going through the ladies quite fast. He has no problem calling people out when they are doing sketchy things. He already sent one woman home for not wanting to hold his hand. And Monday’s episode ended dramatically, as Higgins is talking to Olivia – this season’s villain. He has probably watched enough seasons to know that when the ladies stand together against one woman, there may be something about the chatter. Only time will tell who he will end up with at the end.

What do you think of Ben Higgins on this season of The Bachelor? Do you notice how many times he says “like” or do you think it’s something you can ignore?

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