Ashley Graham Posed Naked Again

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham posed naked in Grazia UK magazine. Creep with me.

SI says Ashley Graham “has never looked better”. I mean, one would hope since this pic spent about three weeks at Industrial Light & Magic. But here’s the best part!

Ashley has been making waves around the world recently for her both her show-stopping NYFW lingerie show and outspoken body advocacy comments against social media haters. Gotta love a girl on a mission—especially when she looks THIS GOOD.

The “show-stopping NYFW lingerie show” they’re referring to is, of course, this hate crime. I guess the show stopped when they were waiting for her to walk up the steps. And maybe I’m wrong here, but being “an outspoken body advocacy then using Kardashian levels of Photoshop to “embrace your curves” doesn’t sound like the empowering message you think it is. If you’re gonna be plus-size, then be plus-size. If you want to blame the media for unrealistic images, shouldn’t you want to show a realistic body image? Let me give you an example you might understand. You know how the picture of the Big Mac never looks like the actual Big Mac? Same thing.

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