Amber Heard Is Pregnant

Amber Heard

PLOT TWIST: $50K isn’t gonna cut it anymore, Johnny. Amber Heard is pregnant.

“One minute they were supposedly in love, and the next they’re practically at war,” an insider revealed to Star magazine. “It’d be a terrible situation to bring a baby into.” “Amber would definitely fight tooth and nail to get full custody — and she’d be able to use the child to grab even more money in the divorce settlement. Johnny can expect things to get a whole lot worse.” “Given all he’s put her through, she’s gunning for half of his $400 million fortune. She believes she should be heavily compensated for her pain and even more so with a baby on board.”

Whew. That was a fun read, huh? Lots of twists and turns and a lot of stuff about money. I realize this is from Star and they talked to “an insider”, but we’ve been believing those to this point, so maybe this insider just wanted to talk to Star. Let’s not judge. The lobby at People is probably full anyway.

 “God? It’s me. Amber.”

“Fuck scarves get money”

(h/t Hollywood Life)

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