5 Things We Know About 'Deadpool,' A Superhero Movie Unlike Any You'll Ever See

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

If you think this weekend’s new release Deadpool is just another superhero movie, think again. This one is unlike any you’ve ever seen, and especially unlike the other ones starring Ryan Reynolds. Here are five things we already know about Deadpool, which opens Friday.

1) Ryan Reynolds wanted this bad. – Reynolds was attached to play Deadpool as early as 2004, in a script by Blade and The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer. He got the chance to play him in 2009‘s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but only as second fiddle to Hugh Jackman. His hope was to get his own movie after introducing Deadpool in Wolverine, and he’d spoke about it at Comic-Con appearances for another comic book movie, Green Lantern. Before he was even hired, Reynolds shot test footage in 2012 and even that didn’t get the movie green lit. When the test footage leaked two years later, the glowing reaction made Fox make the movie. Now the freeway fight scene is in the movie, but without the Gwen Stefani or Cobra references.

See the test footage at Sci Fi Mafia..

2) It’s not for kids, make no mistake. – Deadpool is rated R. He splatters bad guys violently like roadkill, and drops as many F-bombs as Scarface. After his PG-13 appearance in Wolverine, Reynolds was adamant that he be able to play Deadpool true to the comic books, which has to be a hard R.

Deadpool 2016

3) He makes fun of other superhero movies, especially X-Men. – You’d think Deadpool had some beef with the X-Men for some reason. It’s all in good fun though, because the X-men lent characters Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to this movie as Deadpool’s superhero wingmen. But Deadpool is constantly mocking them. There’s even a Green Lantern joke at his own expense!

4) It ignores X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Don’t worry if you haven’t seen Wolverine. Deadpool totally starts over and tells you how he got disfigured and got the power to heal any injury, which makes him an unstoppable killing machine. The only thing they kept from Wolverine was Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

5) It’s smaller than other comic book movies, and better – You might think those flipping cars on the freeway and explosive action scenes make Deadpool look like another Avengers. It most definitely is not, as Deadpool constantly criticizes his own movie for being cheap. But it’s got action, and keeping the costs down allowed them to take more important risks with the edgy material. Actual budget numbers are of course confidential, but Reynolds had told MTV it is way less than you think.

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