15 Terrifying Statistics On Your Cellphone Addiction

iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones are highly entertaining and informative medium. But cell phones can be addictive. The question is: Why? Why do people just can’t live without their smartphones? Maybe because cell phones make them feel happy and productive. No! It’s because almost everyone keeps his devices in the bedroom while sleeping, or checks their email, Facebook, or Twitter feed for about 7 hours each day.

Do you know that 75% of users check their smartphones after sleep? Spending too much time on your smartphone isn’t smart, and this is a fact! The infographic below explores 15 Terrifying Statistics On Your Cellphone Addiction. Take a look:


Featured photo credit: http://www.trustmypaper.com/uploads/picture/2668/content_inforgaphic_phone_addicted_head__1_.jpg via trustmypaper.com

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